Tulsi & Roheet’s Hindu wedding at The Priory Barn, Hitchin

Amazing, brings it all back! Even in these few teasers you’ve captured so much emotion! Ahh this is why we chose you Sanjay!

Tulsi and Roheet originally planning to get married in Easter 2020, but as with many 2020 weddings, it got pushed back. After the 4th date change and a change in venue, Tulsi and Roheet finally managed to have their Hindu wedding ceremony and civil wedding which took place in a stunning barn called ‘The Priory’ which is located near Hitchin.

The day started off sunny and then it went cloudy…we’re talk dark, dark grey clouds which meant rain, not just a little rain! When Roheet’s family arrived, it was chucking down, but that didn’t stop any celebrations. Everyone pulled out the brollies and Roheet’s family arrived in true fashion with dhol players, coloured smoke bombs and everyone danced away. As soon as both families came together, the sun was out shining bright and the energy got even higher!

Tulsi’s arrival was beautiful and she was smiling throughout. As soon as Tulsi and Roheet saw each other, they both had huge smiles on their faces and that was permanent throughout the day, lot of smiles and laughter from everyone that was there.

The Hindu wedding ceremony was beautifully conducted by Ravi Shastri, and even though it was a very small wedding, the energy inside felt like a usually 200-person wedding. Ravi bhai’s ceremony was engaging and he likes to throw in a few jokes from time to time which makes it fun. All of the family members participated during the pheras and as the couple walked around, they were showered with petal. There is so much vibrancy and emotion with Indian weddings and this is why I love to capture them!

Soon after the Hindu wedding ceremony, we all sat down for a three-course lunch and Tulsi’s father said some kind words which summed up the emotions of the last year or so, it was a perfect end to the Hindu wedding ceremony.

Later in the day, the civil ceremony took place and soon after there was a ‘chilled reception’ where the families hung out, drank and we ate pizza and chips in the evening, yummy!

Even though this was a small wedding, that didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the day any less, in fact I found it very personal and I was honoured to have captured the day for Tulsi and Roheet. I must admit, I love these small intimate weddings as I’ve seen a different level of emotion when friends and family come together, especially if they’ve not seen each other in a long time. It’s these little moments I love to capture.

Tulsi and Roheet, thank you So much for having me there to capture your wedding, it was truly an honour for me and I wish you all the best for the future! Here are a few teasers from the Hindu wedding and as soon as I’ve been through all your photographs, I’ll upload some more moments from the day.

All the best guys x

Venue: The Priory Barn
Decor: Gayatri Weddings
Priest: Ravi Shastri
Makeup Artist: Leena MUA

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