Sonal & Hemal’s Hindu wedding at KP Centre

Hey Sonal and Hemal.

Surprise! A 'few' teasers from your wedding day. I have so many fond memories from the day and I've been really keen to share them with you ever since I started going through them....Imagine the scene, I'm looking through your pics the day after your with a huge grin on my face thinking...OMG!

You both are an amazing couple and I feel so honoured to have been part of your celebrations, just capturing those little moments between you and your loved really made the day special and I loved every second.

You guys are family to me, so your wedding felt Very personal and I wanted to go all out so I hope I've exceeded your expectations πŸ™‚ Knowing that your bro is a top photographer added a little pressure, but hey...that's a good thing πŸ˜‰

Happy viewing and feel free to share this link with your loved ones!

Venue: KP Centre
Decor: Sandalwood Events
Priest: Milan Mehta
Makeup Artist: Arpita Karania

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