Sonal & Hemal’s Hindu wedding at KP Centre

Sonal and Hemal’s wedding was an absolute pleasure to document. I’ve known Hemal for a number of years as I’m very close to his brother, (Meheer Shah who is an incredible photographer), so the pressure was well and truly on!

I have to admit, I loved documenting these micro weddings, I found them to be really intimate and everyone that attended would be fully engaged in the ceremony.

As you go through the photographs, you’ll see how happy and involved everyone is. The wedding was such a joy to document and the day was full of amazing emotion!

I have so many fond memories from Sonal and Hemal’s wedding and I've been really keen to share them since I started going through them....Imagine the scene, I'm looking through the pics the day after the wedding with a huge grin on my face thinking...OMG, this is something special.

Sandalwood Events did a stunning job with the incredible setup and Milan Mehta conducted an absolutely beautiful ceremony, but what makes this wedding, are the special moments between the couple and their loved ones!

Sonal and Hemal, you both are an amazing couple and I feel so honoured to have been part of your celebrations, just capturing those little moments between you and your loved really made the day special and I loved every second.

You guys are family to me, so your wedding felt Very personal and I wanted to go all out so I hope I've exceeded your expectations 🙂 Knowing that your bro is a top photographer added a little pressure, but hey...that's a good thing 😉

Happy viewing everyone!

Venue: KP Centre
Decor: Sandalwood Events
Priest: Milan Mehta
Makeup Artist: Arpita Karania

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