Niki and Sunit’s Hindu wedding at North Mymms Park

Imagine planning a wedding in the UK while you and your fiancé are living in New York…this is exactly what Niki and Sunit did and WOW, they managed to organise a superb Hindu wedding and Reception party.

Niki is originally from NY and Sunit is from Manchester and he moved across the pond so they could be together. Niki and Sunit decided to hold the wedding in the UK, bringing together their most loved people from all over. Niki and Sunit wanted to give the US family a truly British experience so they chose the stunning North Mymms Estate which is just outside London. What made the day extra special was that the ceremony took place outdoors and the grounds are the perfect backdrop for a Hindu wedding celebration. The American’s even bought over some great weather too, so thanks for that!

I’ve known Sunit’s brother (Amit) for many years and I’m grateful that he recommended me to photograph his baby bro’s wedding. In the months leading up to the wedding, I got to know Niki and Sunit pretty well and I was excited to meet them in person and be part of their celebrations. I met Niki and Sunit in person a few months prior to the day on their pre wedding shoot, we got on really well and the photographs came out stunning. Having spent time with them in person really helped me get to know them as a couple and I could see why these two are the perfect match.

4th of July came about really quickly and I was excited as always for the wedding. When I saw Sunit in the morning, he was stressed beyond belief and while he was getting ready, I cheekily said ‘Dude, if you’re be miserable, you’re going to ruin my photos and Robert’s video!’ Straight away, Sunit relaxed and laughed and it was time for him to fully enjoy the day…which he did!

When I went to Niki’s room in the morning, it was calm and was peacefully getting ready. Sunit sent her a personalised message and her expression said it all. I loved capturing the moment when Niki’s cousins and mum came to see in the morning, the expressions where priceless and real, these little stories are something I Love capturing on any wedding as it really makes the day unique and the emotion is something you cannot create.

Sunit’s entrance was epic, the dancing went on for a long time and I think the Brits outdanced the Americans (Yes I’m bias, haha). Soon after they got payback when they stole Sunit’s shoes…. Oh my gosh, it was a cross between a Rugby and an American football match and I got right in there and the shoe almost hit me too! I was worried that I might get tackled at one point, but luckily for me (and my camera) I didn’t! I’ve uploaded a sequence of the action and you’ll find the link below after the pics. Absolute carnage but well worth it.

In comparison to Sunit’s entrance, Niki’s was nice and calm and very elegant, just as you’d expect. The wedding celebrations were full of fun, colour and lots of emotions and I loved documenting every part of it, capturing all the expressions and unfolded before me, which you’ll see below. As an added personal touch, the priest is a friend of Niki and Sunit so it made it extra special for them.

After the Hindu wedding, it was time for the evening reception and what a way to end the celebrations with some amazing speeches, dance performances from both Niki and Sunit’s families, and of course, a lot of dancing which ended the day of celebration.

Niki and Sunit, what a journey it’s been and it’s was a pleasure capturing your big day. I had an incredible time being part of your celebrations, so from me, a Huge Thank you for having me there. I hope the moments captured will bring back a lifetime of memories from an incredible day.

Much love to you both and happy viewing!


Click here to see a reel of the Shoe stealing madness.

Big Shout out to Tejas for his assistance on the day.

Venue – North Mymms Park
Caterer – Shimla foods
Décor – Em Designs
Video – @rkcinematography
Pujari (Priest) – Hariom Bhatt
DJ Entertainment – Musical Movements / Mr Vish
Paag Wala – @swagasthaan
Wedding Car & Dhol – Xclusive services
Graphic Design – Count Creation
Reception Favours – Earn learn
Reception Entertainment – Flute that groove
Reception Entertainment – @soiree360events
Reception Dessert – Cakilicious by Hina Shah
Make-up Artists – Shaxali brides
Mendhi – Henna by SV
Bridal Outfit – Shyamal Bhumika
Groom Outfit – Korna NM

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