Anjalee and Suraj’s Hindu Wedding at Oshwal Centre

Anjalee and Suraj’s Hindu wedding took place at the beautiful Oshwal Centre in Potters bar and it was one of my favourite weddings from 2014. (Yes I say this about every wedding I photograph!)

Despite the rain, I had a lot of fun photographing Anjalee and Suraj’s special day, and the rain actually came to use which you’ll see below. What I especially loved about this wedding, was capturing the closeness of Anjalee and Suraj; the small little looks to each other, the massive smiles, the excitement in their eyes and the deep love for one another. I first saw this during the pre wedding shoot and it was great to see it again on the wedding day. The day began with the arrival of Suraj and his family and everyone was in great spirits! The day was full of fun and banter and I knew there would be some amazing moments to capture. The wedding ceremony was beautifully conducted by Raju Bhai Pandya accompanied by Shiv Gopal Music and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony. Soon after the wedding ceremony was over, it was time to get some amazing portraits on the grounds of Oshwal Centre, the temple grounds are amazing and walking through them, you’d think you’re in India, I would highly recommend checking it out!

Personally, I’ll do what ever I can to get an amazing portrait and you’ll see a reflection of Anjalee and Suraj in a puddle which came out great, the only problem was that half of my back was soaked as the water crept though my water proof jacket while taking the shot and by the weekend, I was ill! But it was worth it 🙂

As with all Hindu weddings, there was an emotional goodbye and a few tears which I still find hard to capture especially when you’ve got to know the families quite well. The Hindu wedding was now over and a week later, the Civil and Reception party took place. In a few weeks time, I’ll show the pics from that day and I cannot wait to show you them!

A massive thank you to both Adatia and Jethwa families who were extremely welcoming and it was fun getting to know you all, I’m sure I’ll see you all again soon.

Anjalee and Suraj, Thank you SO much for allowing me to capture your special moments, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your families and I hope that the moments captured bring back all of the emotions and memories from both days. Enjoy the moments!

Groom getting baby ready
Asian Wedding Flowers
Wedding coconut
Om Creative Mandap at Oshwal Centre Potters Bar
Guests getting ready for Asian Wedding ceremony
Asian Bride getting ready - jawaad ashraf
Hindu Bride's bangles
Close up of eyelash
Bride's nan crying
Asian Wedding guest
Hindu Wedding guests meeting at Oshwal centre
Hindu Wedding guests meeting at Oshwal centre
Groom's arrival
Groom dancing with nephew
Guests flighting for the shoes
Guests flighting for the shoes
Mother of the bride kissing daighter
Groom stepping on clay pot during Hindu Wedding ceremony
Groom walking and smiling with bride's parents
Groom walking and smiling with bride's parents
Hindu Wedding Bride arriving
Hindu Bride smiling as she she sees the groom
Hindu Gujarati wedding ceremony
Asian Wedding Bride crying
Mother and bride smiling to each other
Kanyadhan ceremony
Wedding guests laughing
Ghee being poured into the havan
Phera ceremony during Gujarati ceremony
Bride's parents
Sindoor being placed onto the forehead of the bride
Groom being fed during wedding ceremony
Hindu Wedding guests
Father of the bride
Sisters stopping the car
Hands on the car
Bride laughing in the car
Water bring poured onto coconut
Mother of bride
Bride's family waving goodbye
Hindu Wedding portrait at Oshwal centre
Asian Wedding portrait at Oshwal centre
Asian Wedding portrait at Oshwal centre
Asian Wedding portrait at Oshwal centre

As always, a Massive thanks to Meheer Shah for his help on the day.

Here are a few of the wedding suppliers I had fun working with on the day:

Rajubhai Pandya (Wedding Priest)
Shiv Gopal Music(Wedding day music)
Om Creatives (Mandap and decor)
Opulence events (Event Organisers)

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