Sonia & Samir’s Hindu wedding at The Sattavis Patidar Centre, Wembley

May was a busy month and I really enjoyed photographing Sonia and Samir’s wedding events which were full of smiling faces, great memories and some very tasty food, I definitely put on some weight that week 🙂

The Hindu Gujarati Wedding took place at The Sattavis Patidar Centre in Wembley and I had a great time photographing this amazing couple. Despite Sonia losing her voice by the wedding day, it didn’t stop her smiling. Below are a few of the moments captured from the big day.

Sean from Eternal Wedding Films, its always a pleasure working with you and your team.

Sonia and Pookie Bear, oops I mean Samir, I wish you all the best for the future. May the photographs give you a life time of memories.

Hindu Godess at Gujurati wedding

Months before the wedding, Sonia emailed me and told me she looks at her dad’s photo every morning while getting ready and wanted him included within the wedding photographs.

Indian Bride getting ready

Indian Bride with makeup artist

Wedding bride shoes

Mum putting chunnie on bride

Wedding groom arrival party

Wedding groom arrival party

Wedding guests laughing

Hindu Wedding welcoming

Hindu Wedding detail shot

I’m loving your outfit Sam 😉
Hindu Wedding groom outfit by Charmi Creations

Gujarti Wedding groom waiting for bride to arrive

Gujarti Wedding Bride arriving

Hindu Gujarti Wedding Bride

Hindu Wedding feet washing ceremony

Hindu Wedding garland

Hindu Wedding garland bring put on Samir

Kanyadan ceremony

Kanyadan ceremony

Hindu Wedding Phera ceremony

The meaning of Satapati during Gujarati Hindu Wedding ceremony

Hindu Wedding Bride Smiling


Sindoor being put onto Hindu Wedding Bride

Hindu Wedding Bride

Hindu Wedding couple portrait

Hindu Wedding couple portrait outside Sattavis Patidar Centre

Hindu Bride Praying

Family hugging after wedding

Bride's sister's stopping car at Hindu Wedding

Bargaining for shoes

Groom's sisters stopping Bride and Groom entering

Payment to let Hindu Bride and Groom in

I wonder if Sam found his name in Sonia’s Mendhi
Hindu Wedding Bride Mendhi

Hindu Wedding Couple portrait

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