Pre Wed session of Ramila and Haren

A few weeks ago on a chilly February morning, Ramila and Haren met me at Canons Park for their Pre Wedding Shoot and what great session it was! These two braved the cold weather and mud pretty much everywhere I made them go, was it worth it? I think so, have a look at some the results below.

Ramila braved the conditions in her open toe heels and her feet got covered in mud, like a true gent, Haren lifted her up and led her to the dry path 🙂

Thanks for viewing, all the best.


  • Ramila Pindoria says:

    Wow, amazing pictures Sanjay… love all the pictures, esp the one where Haren has lifted me up, well captured!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them.. Lovely work!

    Thanks and all the best Sanj, see you next month for our special day! Can’t Wait

    Keep up the good work!

    Ramila & Haren

  • Priti Jobanputra says:

    Great shots especially the last one. Love how your photography is so natural!

  • Sanjay Jogia says:


    This is really beautiful work that I’m sure Ramila and Haren will very be proud of!
    I love the fresh and fun feel that has Sanjay Gohil written all over it!

    Great job my friend!


  • Adam says:

    Truly amazing work Sanj.

  • Nikhil Gohil says:

    Sanj bro,

    Love your work…proud of u!!

  • Dannish says:

    sanjay dude….these shots are superb. brilliant colours, clarity and composition. the couple look very relaxed, exactly how a Pre-Wed should be. well done sanjay.

  • Bindi Patel says:

    This is really really beautiful Mr.Sanjay…i cant wait for the wedding pictures…april 3rd 4th…u guys luk really cute harish mama n Ramila mami…Goodluck!!!

  • Imran Max says:

    lovely work they sanj…

  • Ranjna Hirani says:

    Amazing shots, especially the last one. My hubby suggested that Haren should have carried Rams slippers in the last pic too….lol he now thinks he a professional photographer himself.

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