Shilpa & Priyesh’s Hindu Wedding at Manor of Groves

I have to say, I had a blast photographing Shilpa and Priyesh’s Hindu wedding events, from the moment we met we hit it off, I got on so well with them, that they decided to buy their 1st home right around the corner from me so we could all go for yummy pasta in Casa Mia and dessert at Twist every week (Just kidding)! Shilpa and Priyesh are a very fun couple and I knew the wedding events were going to be a good reflection of their good, fun hearted nature…bring it on!

For their Hindu wedding day I went out a bought a pair of Hawaiian socks to wear, I have to admit I almost didn’t wear them, but I promised Shilpa that I would wear them, plus it was in the contract! On the morning of the wedding day Shilpa looked down at my feet to check I was wearing them and smiled…gotta keep the bride happy right? Oh, and they were a bit hit on the wedding day!

The Hindu wedding took place at The Manor of Groves and the ceremony was beautifully conducted by Raju Bhai Joshi and there were alot of fun moments during the ceremony especially when Priyesh place a mirror infront of himself so as the anterpath was removed Shilpa saw herself! The reaction was hilarious (See below). Priyesh did manage to sit down before Shilpa did after the Pheras but she got her own back during the Koda Kodi games, even though Priyesh was trying to cheat (Sorry Bro!)

Throughout each wedding event, everyone was so welcoming and I really felt like one of the friends during my time with the Shah’s and Patel’s, I just about remember which ones are Masi’s and Mami’s on Shilpa’s side. I have to admit, I was quite sad when the reception party was over as I really enjoyed my time with everyone and in true Indian style, it took me 30mins to say goodbye! From all of the event, some amazing moments have been captured but there were WAY too many pictures to show, but below are a few of the moment captured from the Hindu Wedding day.

Shilpa & Priyesh, my new neighbours and newly extended family! I cannot wait to show you the full set of images from each wedding event, I wish you all the very best for the future 🙂

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Happy viewing!

Ganesh at Manor of Groves

Ganesh Pooja, Milk being poured

Bride holding divo

Grooms arrival party

Grooms arrival party

Grooms arrival party

Grooms arrival party

Hindu Wedding welcoming ceremony

Bride getting ready

Bride getting ready

Bride getting ready

Bridal portrait

Start of HIndu Wedding ceremony

Nose pinching

Water being poured onto Ganesh

Groom behind antarphat

Hindu Bride arriving

Corner of anterphat

Bride's reaction

Bride seeing groom for 1st time

Bride seeing groom for 1st time

Bride seeing groom for 1st time

Feet washing ceremony during Hindu Wedding

Milk splashing on toe

iphone messages

bride's brothers waiting


Wedding Phera

Groom smilinh

Groom's mum smiling

Bride's parents smiling

Hindu Bride during final phera

Final Phera being lead by Shilpa

Bride hugging brother

Grooms wins sitting down competition

Priyesh sat down 1st, Shalina wasn’t happy about it!

Sindoor being applied

Sindoor ceremony, the marking of a married Hindu lady

Guest sitting on floor

Groom winking

Cheeky wink

Bride putting ring on finger

I love the humorous side to these guys 🙂

Koda Kodi Game

Koda Kodi Game

Loser! Shilpa won this time

Friend's crying during vidhai

‘Real’ tears hey girls?

Leaving ceremony

Girls stopping car

No Money, No Honey? Something like that, right girls?

Mum saying goodbye through car window

Bride's brother saying goodbye through car window

Asian Wedding portrait at Manor of Groves

Asian Wedding portrait at Manor of Groves

Asian Wedding portrait at Manor of Groves

True love hey!


Thanks for viewing! A Massive Thank You to Pratik Unia for his assistance on the day and as usual, its a pleasure working with Eternal Wedding Films

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