A beautiful Hindu Wedding at Parklands Quendon Hall

When Heena and Naresh told me that they wanted me to photograph their wedding, I was thrilled! From the moment I met them, I knew their wedding was going to be full of emotion and what an amazing day it was!

Heena and Naresh put a lot of effort in planning the day, the décor looked great, the metal print (that I made for them) looked amazing 😉 and I loved how they used photograph from their Pre Wedding shoot on M&Ms! Now that was a first for me to see. When I saw Heena and Naresh they day before, Naresh had lost his voice and Heena had back spasms, oh dear not a great start, but to be honest, this didn’t stop this great couple from enjoying themselves and they laughed and smiled throughout all functions…why let something get in the way of a special day hey? From Naresh’s reaction to seeing Heena for the ‘1st time’ he was gobsmacked and the proof is in the pictures.
Heena and Naresh, thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day, and just for you guys, a few of the moments captured.

Deers running at Quendon Hall

Personalised M&Ms

Asian Wedding Mandap by Jay & I Events

Ganesh by Jay & I Events

Asian groom getting ready

Asian Bridal wear by Mona Vora

Text message on wedding day

Asian bride getting ready

Gujarati Bride laughing

Wedding cars arriving at Quendon Hal

Bride's sister walking to great groom

Gujarati Hindu Groom laughing in the car

Groom walking with family, reflection in the mirror

Hindu Wedding Welcoming ceremony

Groom crushing clay pot

Groom doing his hair

Groom doing his hair
Naresh making sure his hair looks great before Heena arrives…I have #Hairenvy

Gujarati Bride walking to madap from inside Quendon Hall

Hindu Bride walking to Mandap with Maternal uncles and aunt

Mum crying as bride arrives

Bride crying as she arrives at the mandap

Hindu Groom smiling behind the antarpat

Hindu Wedding Bride reaction to seeing groom

Hindu Wedding Groom reaction to seeing Bride
He looks stunned hey!

Groom laughing during Hindu Wedding ceremony

Hindu Wedding Bride smiling

Bride Praying during Hindu Wedding ceremon

Water being poured from spoon

Seeds being poured into fire during Hindu Wedding ceremony

Phera, walking around the fire during the Hindu Wedding

Family showering Hindu Bride and Groom with petals

Bride and groom laughing during HIndu Wedding ceremony

Phera, walking around the fire during the Hindu Wedding

Phera, walking around the fire during the Hindu Wedding, Close up of bride
Phera, walking around the fire during the Hindu Wedding, Bride leading

Petals being thrown on couple

Sindoor being put on Hindu Bride's forehead

Bride and Groom laughing

Bride and Groom laughing with family around

xWedding ring being put on
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we even squeezed in a Civil ceremony on the same day! phew!

Bride and groom hugging after Civil ceremony

Koda Kodi

Koda Kodi

Vidhai ceremony, Hindu Wedding Bride hugging Grandmother

Vidhai ceremony, Hindu Wedding Bride hugging uncle

Vidhai ceremony, Hindu Wedding Bride hugging nephew

Bride and Groom leaving Quendon hall

Hands on car stopping it from moving

Sisters given money so car can leave

Hindu Wedding Garlanding

Hindu Wedding Portrait at Quendon Hall

Hindu Wedding Portrait at Quendon Hall

Hindu Wedding Portrait at Quendon Hall

A Big thanks to Soniya for assisting on this shoot and always, it’s a pleasure working with Lax Videography.

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  • Sailesh says:

    Loving the set here bro!
    Put more up!

  • rehana says:

    you are an amazing photographer.. great couple, love the outfits and set up

  • Stephanie says:

    Indian weddings are so full of life. You can experience all sorts of emotions in these weddings. I recently visited an Indian wedding in London Darbar, Essex and had a great time there.

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