Arti & Vipin’s Hindu Wedding & Reception Party at Epsom Downs Race Course

Arti and Vipin’s special day was my 1st 2012 Hindu wedding & Reception party all in one day, plus a Civil inbetween! There was a beautiful sunrise at 7am when I arrived at Epsom Race Course, so I made Naresh from Lax Videography pull over several times while I ran out and caught the perfect shot of the sun rising! I had an absolute blast on the day, everyone was in good spirits and it was an honor to capture Arti and Vipin’s wedding memories. The Hindu wedding was beautifully conducted, Vipin’s sister’s laughed a lot (probably more-so at me and my Homer Simpson socks! ).

Then followed by the Civil ceremony and after a short break we pretty much straight into the reception party which featured a Dhol-bot! (think of a Robot playing the Dhol) and all the guests partied hard! For me, it was the 1st time a groom has picked me up and spun me around on the dance floor, I held onto my camera with my life at the moment! 17 hours later, I reflected on what a fantastic wedding I had just captured and thought to myself, I love what I do!

Arti & Vipin, I wish you ALL the very best for the future, you guys are great together. A big thank you to the Raninga and Nayyar families for making me feel very welcome during the 2 wedding events.

Below are a few of the moments captured, enjoy 🙂

Epsom Downs Race course in Epsom, Surrey UK

Hindu Wedding Bride getting ready

Hindu Indian Wedding Jewellery

Indian Wedding Bride Portrait

Wedding guest getting ready

Wedding Bride getting ready

Bentley wedding car detail

Father of the bride smiling

Mother and father of the Hindu Wedding groom dancing

Wedding guest dancing outside

Milni ceremony during Hindu Wedding at Epsom Race course

Hindu Wedding Bride Arrival in Diomed Suite at Epsom Downs Race Course

Hands detail photograph

Groom's sister smiling

Hindu Wedding Bride arriving with brothers

Asian Wedding couple in Mandap

Kanyadaan, hand detail

Wedding Guest Epsom Downs Race course in Epsom

Closeup of wedding ritual

Smiling wedding bride

Bride and groom walking around the fire

Asian Hindu Wedding couple laughing

Asian Hindu Wedding couple laughing inside mandap

Black and White photograph of Bride smiling

7 Beetlenuts

Sindoor, the marking of a Married Hindu woman

Hindu Wedding couple smiling at Epsom Downs Race course in Epsom

Water being poured onto the wheel

Wedding Portrait

Wedding Portrait outside Epsom Downs Race

Asian wedding couple next to their Wedding Cake

Wedding speeches

First dance during wedding reception party

Reception party photograph, guests dancing

Dhol-bot courtesy of Wedding DJ Calibar Roadshow

Epsom Downs Race course in Epsom

Groom being lifted

Hindu Wedding Reception party at Epsom Downs Racecourse

Brother hugging bride

Hindu Wedding Bride leaving Epsom Downs Racecouse

Big thanks to Sailesh for helping out on the day, Naresh, as usual, its a pleasure working with you guys.

Please do leave a comment below. Until next time everyone.

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