Amisha & Hamen’s Asian wedding at Northbrook Park

Amisha and Hamen’s Hindu wedding can pretty much be summed up in 1 word – FUN!

I loved capturing the banter, fun, closeness and singing over each other during Amish and Hamen’s big day and we were fortunate that the Hindu wedding took place outdoors in the beautiful walled garden at Northbook Park, I secretly hoped that one of the peacocks would walk into the mandap…maybe next time!

It was an early start on the day and there were 10 or so pre wedding ceremonies which pretty much took place at the same time, (I’ve lost count!). After lunch the Hindu wedding ceremony took place which was conducted by Pandit Vasudev Mehta, followed by a sit down dinner, and finally lots of partying, oh! and who could forget lots of posing inbetween too!

I had an absolute blast on the main wedding day and also during the pre wedding functions. I discovered  that Hamen is a very cheeky chap and it was great to capture that side of him! A big thank you to both Babla and Vagani families for making me feel so welcomed during all of the events.

So for your viewing pleasure, introducing Amisha and Hamen.

Asian Wedding Bride getting by Annie Shah
Hindu Wedding Mandap by Gayatri Weddings
Asian Wedding Groom getting ready
Wedding envelope
Hindu Wedding groom at Northbrook Park
Asian Wedding Groom Arrival
Asian Wedding Groom Arrival
Save the shoes!
Shoe steeling during asian Wedding
Hindu Wedding Guests
Asian Wedding Groom dancing
Hindu Wedding guest dancing
Gujarati Wedding ceremony
Gujarati Wedding ceremony
Gujarati Wedding ceremony
Gujarati Wedding ceremony
Hindu groom being lifted
Cloth being held up
Asian Wedding Bridal arrival
Hindu Wedding Bride
Garlanding during Hindu Wedding ceremony
Hindu Wedding ceremony
Blessing from parents
Mother of Bride hugging
Father of the bride crying
Hindu Wedding ceremony
Seeds being poured in the fire during Hindu Wedding ceremony
Wedding Phera
Hindu Wedding ceremony
Hindu Wedding Phera
Asian Wedding Phera
Groom hugging sister
Satapadi ceremony
Wedding guest feeding groom
Wedding guest feeding groom
Hindu Wedding groom having his cheeks squashed
Hindu Groom putting Sindoor into parting of his bride
Wedding guest blessings with rice
Ouch, that must’ve hurt!
Wedding guest blessings with rice
Mum and bride hugging
End of Hindu Wedding ceremony, bride throwing mung beans into the air
Asian Wedding portrait at Northbrook Park
Asian Wedding portrait at Northbrook Park

Massive thanks to Soniya for her assistance on the day.

Thanks for viewing everyone 🙂 Until next time!
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Supplier List:

Venue: Northbrook Park
Mandap: Gayatri Weddings
Priest: Pandit Vasudev Mehta
Makeup Artist: Annie Shah
Wedding ceremony music: Shiv Gopal Music

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