Arpita and Kiran’s Pre-Wedding shoot

When the sun comes out in London town, we like to make the most of it and a few weeks ago on a rare hot and sunny day, I had the pleasure of photographing the sassy Arpita and trendy Kiran for their Pre-Wedding shoot. I really enjoyed photographing Arpita and Kiran, it was great getting to know them and to see how they vibe together as a couple as I wanted to reflect this in the photographs I was taking.

After sending a few teasers, Kiran said: Its your photography and her smile, I just added some colour to the photos. You certainly added colour with the yellow tshirt you wore 😉

You guys were fab on the Pre Wedding shoot and I’m really looking forward to the big day in August.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot of Arpita and Kiran

Black and White photograph of Hindu Wedding couple sitting down on stairs at Harrow Boys School

Photograph of Hindu Wedding couple sitting down laughing

Bride and groom to be walking, looking at each other smiling

Photograph of couple almost kissing

Indian Bride to be smiling

Indian Bride to be laughing

Kiran holding Arpita as she smiles

Closeup of Arpita

Closeup of Arpita

Closeup of Hindu Wedding couple on their Pre Wedding shoot

Photograph through grass of couple holding each other

Black and White photograph of Asian Wedding Couple on Pre Wedding shoot

Smiling wedding couple

Smiling wedding couple

That’s all for now…until the next one!


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