Vaghela Saptha – Aug 2008
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  • Vaghela Saptha – Aug 2008

    Hi all, here are some shots from the Vaghela Saptha that took place a few weeks back. The photos below are from the Friday nite where the Vaghela ladies put on a awesome dance! Enjoy the pics!


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    12 thoughts on “Vaghela Saptha – Aug 2008

    1. < ![CDATA[awesome set of images dude, loving the colour and ur detailed shots. amazing.]]>

    2. < ![CDATA[Mr Sanj! Great work as always! Nice captures and smooth images. Looking forward to seeing more!]]>

    3. < ![CDATA[Beautiful images here Sanjay. Grat colour and creativity. Keep it up my man!]]>

    4. < ![CDATA[Lovely lovely photos, My favorite is the little girl on her dada's shoulders.. really awesome! nice work Sanjay :-)]]>

    5. < ![CDATA[Wow Sanjay. Yet again, you have produced some stunning images. I absolutely love the action shots, whioch just goes to show that you have been in the right place at the right time. Awesome stuff. Look forward to seeing more]]>

    6. < ![CDATA[Sanjay! Your pictures tell a story my friend. A vivid, colourful, crisp story. I love seeing your work. Fantastic stuff.]]>

    7. < ![CDATA[lovely pics,thanks for taking the photo of my dad and my daughter. The photo looks so natural.]]>

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