Quendon Hall Hindu Gujarati Wedding
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  • Riti & Jessal’s Hindu Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall

    So while the summer wedding season is still in full flow and I’ve been fortunate to have photographed some amazing weddings this year.

    Riti and Jessal’s wedding is one I’d like to showcase today. It was a sunny day, set in the beautiful surroundings of Parklands Quendon Hall based in Essex. The marquee was looking fab as expected, there was a nice calm in the air before all the fun and madness of the wedding begun. I started my day spending way too long photographing the venue and all of the little things that Riti and Jessal had put an effort into choosing. Soon after, I went to photograph Riti getting ready, she has laid out all her jewellery, hung her wedding outfit all ready for me to photograph, which was a nice thought :) Dil (as usual) did a fab job in making Riti look amazing on her special day although I do wish he kept the Marge Simpson hair do on Riti, oh yeah, and Jessal scrubbed up well too!

    Jessal and his entourage came in full force dancing down the drive way and I witnessed some interesting dance moves from the groom himself! After a superb entrance, the Hindu wedding ceremony took place with friends and family and it was day full filled with laughter, joy, smiles, love (of course) and a very emotional goodbye as the day drew to a close. I feel honoured to have photographed Riti and Jessal’s big day and now, for your viewing pleasure, below are some of the moments captured.

    Riti and Jessal, I wish you both all the best for the future and may the moments captured bring back all of the memories from your most special day :)

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    Quendon Hall, Asian Wedding Venue

    Asian Wedding decor by Gayatri Mandaps

    Wedding bride getting ready

    Asian Bridal wear items

    Close of Hands, Gujarati Bride

    Asian Bride getting ready
    New Bridal hair concept by Dil Matharu 😉

    Bride's reaction to hair style

    Bride's Aunty in the mirror while she's getting married

    Hindu Wedding Bride getting ready

    Asian Wedding Bridal Portrait

    Groom's arrival

    Asian Wedding detail items

    Bride's sisters

    Groom dancing at wedding

    Groom being lifted up in the air

    Groom resisting leaving the car for his wedding
    Come on Jessal, getting married isn’t that bad 😉

    Groom with Bride's sisters

    Quendon Hall staircase with groom walking

    QPokvanu ceremony during Hindu Wedding

    Bride walking down the stairs

    Antapat stopping the groom from seeing the bride arriving

    Children walking infront of bride as she arrives

    Bride being helped up by maternal uncles

    Asian bride seeing groom for 1st time

    Feet washing ceremony during Gujarati wedding

    Kanyadhan ceremony during wedding ceremony

    Rice being thrown

    Flame to light Havan

    Havan ceremony

    Family members laughing during phera

    Phera ceremony, walking around the fire

    Phera ceremony, walking around the fire

    Groom's foot being held by Asian bride's brother

    Asian wedding bride's mother looking at bride

    Satapati beetle nuts

    Bride and groom laughing during Satapati ceremony

    Sindoor in hands

    Groom applying Sindoor to bride's forehead

    Bride wiping groom's nose

    Groom blocking his nose from being pinched

    Shoe's being thrown in the air

    Closeup of hand during Koda Kodi game

    Koda Kodi game with guests

    Closeup of hands in the water during Koda Kodi game

    Vidhai ceremony with bride hugging her mum

    Wedding Portrait outside Parklands Quendon Hall

    Wedding Portrait outside Parklands Quendon Hall

    Wedding Portrait inside Parklands Quendon Hall

    Wedding Portrait at  Parklands Quendon Hall staircase

    Closeup during portrait session of bride and groom

    Quendon Hall Wedding Portrait

    Venue: Parklands, Quendon Hall
    Mandap: Gayatri Mandaps
    Music: Indian Wedding Day
    Make Up Artist: Dil Matharu

    Big thanks to Shivani for your assistance on the day.

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    8 thoughts on “Riti & Jessal’s Hindu Wedding at Parklands, Quendon Hall

    1. Sailesh

      Lovely set of images bro!
      Lots of colours, detail and emotions!
      Strong strong strong!

    2. Soniya


      So much colour, love, laughter!!!! Fabulous Images… <3 the detail….Gorgeous bride….Brilliant Photographer…(need I go on?….) lol!!!! seriously Lovely stuff bhai!!!! xxxx

    3. Shahed

      WOW! Can’t believe I just saw this post now! Amazing set- looove the feel of this set too! PS: The grooms trousers are awesome!!

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    5. Jenny Burns

      Hi there

      I head up the marketing for Parklands, and have seen your images online, and wondered if we would be able to get them with a view of using them online and possible in our updated brochures? We would of course credit you.

      Look forward to hearing back from you.

      Kindest Regards

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