Nym and Chandni, Civil Marriage, Thursday 9th October 2008 (Part II)
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  • Nym and Chandni, Civil Marriage, Thursday 9th October 2008 (Part II)

    Last Thursday I was given the opportunity to photograph Nym and Chandni’s Civil Marriage. We were blessed with great weather and lots of smiles from everyone who witnessed the marriage of this great couple. After the registry, we headed to Barham Park and then onto Harrow on the Hill for a private photoshoot…followed by a little party at Spice Rack. Congrats to the new Mr and Mrs Jethwa!

    Enjoy the pics guys, and keep a look out for the Indian wedding pics towards the end of next month.

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    19 thoughts on “Nym and Chandni, Civil Marriage, Thursday 9th October 2008 (Part II)

    1. < ![CDATA[Hey Sanj, you out do yourself everytime u take pix....absolutely gorgeous!!! You are just so talented....keep up the good work...and love the pix of the sapta too!!! You should have been the official "Vaghela Saptah" photographer!]]>

    2. < ![CDATA[Awesome, excellent composition, mastered the difficult lighting and the your rendering is superb. A master at work! Sunny Kalsi]]>

    3. < ![CDATA[an excellent set of images there sanjay. love the mixture of detail shots and reportage coverage.]]>

    4. < ![CDATA[Awesome images!!! Great use of colour as well as black & white! Keep it up!]]>

    5. < ![CDATA[Hi Sanj, Thank you so much for making our day so special, the pictures are great and reflect what a great time we all had. Can't wait to see the full set, we shall get in the pizza's this time xx Lots of love always, Mr & Mrs Jethwa xx lol!]]>

    6. < ![CDATA[amazing captures there Sanjay. The more you shoot, the more ae inspiring your images are. Excellent captures sir]]>

    7. < ![CDATA[I think the day was managed very well! (says the wedding coordinator...lol)... excellent pics my dear Sanj.. can't wait to see what you have in store for next time xx]]>

    8. < ![CDATA[Sanj, I have one word for you...AMAZING!!! i had to show my friend at work and we were both ooohhinh and aaahhing. AMAZING! Well done matey! xx Sheena]]>

    9. < ![CDATA[WOW!!! Fantastic photography Sanjay!! Love the images all of them! Favourite has to be the one of couple kissing with the boys covering their eyes! Keep up the fab work! I look forward to seeing the Indian wedding! Harpreet]]>

    10. < ![CDATA[Sanj!! I am speechless, you are a beautiful photographer and you better do my wedding too!!! :) xxx]]>

    11. < ![CDATA[Mr Sanj! Great shots here mate! The first one is silky smooth! Crisp detail, great lighting... a fantastic energetic set of shots! It just keeps getting better each time! You make us proud my friend!]]>

    12. < ![CDATA[Absolutely beautifully stunning pictures - you keep raising your own standard each time! I love the image of the mobile phone, and also where the kids have their hands over their eyes - very funny! Well done! Love your work, as always ps- where are the flames??]]>

    13. < ![CDATA[Sanjay!! You seem to picture views that capture the emotions of the moment. Even the details shots tell a story! Truly great work dude... I look forward to more! Manee - Shakini Pro]]>

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