Northbook Park Hindu and Civil Wedding
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  • Jess & Dan’s Wedding at Northbrook Park

    Jess and Dan recently tied the knot (twice) at Northbrook Park in Surrey and I was honoured to be the one to capture their special day!

    Northbrook Park is known for its beautiful grounds and their peacocks that live there. Jess expressed that she would love to have a photograph of a peacock somewhere during the wedding so the challenge was on…I did hope that one would walk infront of the mandap on the day, but no such luck, however, as soon as I’d set up, my assistant (Sam) spotted a peacock and as I crept closer to it, (with my camera all set up) the peacock opened its feather and started shaking them in my direction! I believe this is the mating call, correct? Maybe it was my good looks or my camera the peacock was attracted to….As the day went on, the peacock was always close by and sat on the balcony of Jessica’s room while she was getting ready, we could hear it during the ceremony and I even managed to get the peacock to pose in the background during the portrait session 😉

    So what actually happened on the day? 1st was the Civil wedding, then the Hindu wedding, a dinner reception followed by the post wedding games and vidhai (leaving ceremony). I had an absolute blast on their wedding day and the one thing you will see is that Jess and Dan were always smiling and I loved this about them. So now for your viewing pleasure, a few of the moments captured from Jess and Dan’s wedding. I wish you guys all the best for the future.

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    Gayatri Mandaps Ganeshji Northbrook Park

    Peacock and interior shot of Northbrook Park Civil room

    Peacock with feathers opened

    Wedding button holes

    Wedding groom with Gran

    Bridesmaid and Brides

    Bridal flowers closeup

    Bridal smiling

    Bride and groom holding hands

    Bride and groom laughing

    Child blowing bubbles

    Bride and groom laughing

    Bride and groom laughing walking down the isle

    Bride and Bridesmaid laughing

    Wedding Portrait

    Wedding Portrait at Northbrook Park

    Asian Bride getting ready

    Ladies getting ready for Hindu wedding

    Groom getting ready

    Groom putting shoes on

    Groom on wedding horse

    Grooms arrival on horse

    Grooms smiling

    Bridal arrival for Hindu Wedding

    Priest talking to groom

    Bride smiling

    Wedding Garlands

    Bride smiling at groom

    Wedding Guests

    Seeds going into fire during Hindu Wedding

    Wedding Phera

    Bride and groom laughing

    Bride and groom arriving at reception party

    Bride laughing during speeches

    Groom's speech

    Wedding guests dressing in costumes up for fun photograph

    Bride hugging child

    Post wedding games, Koda Kodi

    Candle lighting up Ganeshji

    Vidhai, Bride hugging uncle

    Bride hugging father before leaving

    Bridesmaid stopping car

    Bridesmaid bargaining

    Mum waving goodbye to Bride in car

    Asian Wedding Portrait at Northbrook Park

    Asian Wedding Portrait infront of  Northbrook Manor

    Wedding Portrait at Northbrook Parkg

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