Asian Wedding at the Hare Krishna Mandir, Watford
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  • Nikul and Dipali’s wedding at the Hare Krishna Mandir

    I recently had the pleasure of photographing Dipali and Nikul’s wedding at the Hare Krishna Mandir in Watford. Watford mandir is a special place for me as it’s a place I try to come to on a regular basis and it’s also where I photographed my 1st wedding as an assistant with one of the top asian photographers.

    Anyway, back to Dipali and Nikul…I grew up with Nikul as he lived around the corner from my home, our families are very close and when I heard that Nikul was getting married, I was over the moon, and when Dipali and Nikul asked me to photograph their wedding, I was thrilled. On the 19th of August, Dipali and Nikul tied the knot and below are a few of the moments captured.

    I wish you all the best for the future – thank you to both families for making me feel so welcomed through out the various wedding events. Enjoy the memories ☺

    Closeup of Mendhi artwork

    Mendhi closeup. Photo by Sanjay D Gohil

    Hare Krishna Mandir Wedding

    Indian Bride having makeup done

    Hindu Wedding Groom walking

    Hindu Wedding ceremony Coconut on head

    Indian wedding groom sitting on chair

    Indian wedding groom waiting for brides's arrival

    Hindu wedding photo bride seeing groom for first time

    Hindu Wedding Mandap ceramony

    Hindu wedding ceremony holding hands

    Hindu wedding ceremony tying the knot

    Hindu wedding ceremony fire ceremony

    Indian wedding ceremony ferrah/walking around the fire

    Hindu Wedding Sindoor ceremony

    Bride praying in mandir

    Bride Groom photograph 1

    Nikul and Dipali photoshoot after Indian Wedding ceremony

    Bride Groom photoshoot after Wedding Ceremony

    Photoshoot after Indian Wedding

    Dipali and Nikul's post Hindu wedding photoshoot

    Hindu Wedding Ceremony Bride Leaving

    Hindu Wedding Ceremony Car leaving with hands on car

    Hindu Wedding Ceremony Coconut crushing

    A big Thank You to JHoque Photography and Vinay Dave Photography for assisting during the Pre-Wedding events.

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    8 thoughts on “Nikul and Dipali’s wedding at the Hare Krishna Mandir

    1. Guv

      Awesome images Sanj as usual!!! Great detail and capture!!! Look forward to seeing lots more from you!


    2. Jay Hoque

      Sanjay bhai, awesome images dude! And thanks for the credit.. appreciate it.. 😀
      When are we linking up for a drink?

    3. sanjay jogia


      I am totally in love with your new zeal!
      This is beautiful work that everyone should take note of.
      Honest, clean and full of passion!

      Keep pushing brother :-)


    4. Ajay Sanghvi

      Hey Sanjay

      Beautiful photos. Really capturing emotion, sentiment and flavour of the occasion.

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