Manor of Groves Hindu Wedding and Civil ceremony
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  • Bhavika & Viren’s Wedding at The Manor or Groves

    Bhavika and Viren’s big day was one of my favourite weddings to photograph from this summer.

    It was a bright and sunny day so the Civil ceremony took place outside in the stunning grounds at The Manor of Groves in Sawbridge, you’ll see below in the photographs how it was set up; picture perfect! Soon after the civil ceremony was completed, the Hindu wedding ceremony began, this was full of fun, emotion, laughter, nose pinching and shoes being stolen fives times! Pretty much what you can expect from a Hindu Wedding (Minus shoes being stolen five times!)

    I had great fun photographing Bhavika and Viren’s wedding, everyone was in high spirits and some beautiful moments were captured throughout the day; memories which I’m sure will last a lifetime.

    Bhavika and Viren you both make an amazing couple and I thank you for allowing me to capture your special day, I wish you both all the best for the future and I look forward to showing you more of the moments captured very soon!

    Enjoy the memories.

    Manor of Groves Civil Wedding
    Hindu Wedding guests
    Wedding guests sitting
    Guitar player at Civil Wedding
    Wedding guests
    Bridesmaid's walking
    Civil ceremony at Manor of Groves in Sawbridge
    Silhouette of Civil ceremony at Manor of Groves in Sawbridge
    Closeup of hands during Civil Ceremony
    Civil wedding ceremony
    Groom kissing bride
    Wedding couple walking down the isle
    Hindu Wedding groom getting ready
    Hindu Wedding Groom Portrait
    Hindu Wedding Bride getting ready by Jawaad Ashraf
    Hindu Wedding Bridal portrait
    Close up of wedding ceremony item
    Asian Wedding guests arriving and dancing
    Small children blocking their ears during the groom's arrival
    Asian Wedding guests arriving and dancing
    Asian Wedding guests arriving and dancing
    Reflection of Hindu Wedding guests as they great the groom
    Nose being protected during welcoming ceremony of Hindu Wedding
    Fun during Hindu Wedding ceremony
    Shoe stealing
    Gujarati Hindu Wedding welcoming ceremony
    Nose Pinching reaction
    Asian Wedding Bride being walked up the isle
    Hindu Wedding Bride smiling
    Hindu Wedding Bride laughing as the antarphat is lowered
    Garlanding ceremony during Asian Wedding
    Water being poured onto the hands of the bride and groom during Hindu wedding ceremony
    Kanyadhan ceremony
    Asian Hindu Wedding Ceramony
    Asian Hindu Wedding Ceramony
    Seeds being offered in to the fire during Hindu Wedding ceremony
    Groom leading the bride in the Phera
    Seeds being offered to the fire
    Asian Wedding Bride leading the Phera
    Groom placing Sindoor into the parting of the brides' hair
    Koda Kodi Game
    Bride hugging sister
    Wedding guests crying as bride leaves
    Bride leaving ceremony during Hindu Wedding
    Bride leaving ceremony during Hindu Wedding
    Asian Wedding Bride crying as she leaves
    Wedding guests waving goodbye
    Hindu Wedding portrait at Manor of Groves
    Hindu Wedding portrait at Manor of Groves
    Big thanks to Jai Shah for his help on the day, and as always, its’s a pleasure working alongside Pratik and Ravi from Unia Productions (Cinematography)

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