Asian wedding photographs from Hindu wedding at Willesden Mandir, London
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  • Jayna & Navin’s Hindu Wedding at Willesden Mandir

    Easter weekend is always a popular date for weddings and this Easter just gone, I had the pleasure of photographing Jayna and Navin’s Hindu Wedding ceremony at Willesden Mandir in North West London. From looking at the photographs, you can tell that Jayna and Navin really enjoyed their wedding day it was also nice to see two previous couple’s that I’d photographed in the past.Lax Videography were the official videographers for the wedding and it’s always a pleasure working with them.

    Jayna and Navin, I wish best for the future guys and enjoy the moments captured below.

    Hindu Wedding Ganesh Pooja detail shot

    Guests at Hindu Gujarati Wedding

    Hindu Wedding Bride anklet

    Hindu Wedding Groom arriving at Willesden Mandir by horse

    Asian Wedding guest with sunglasses on

    Hindu Wedding groom arriving

    Indian Wedding welcoming ceremony, pokvanu

    Hindu Wedding ceremony

    Hindu Gujarati Groom arrival

    Hindu Wedding groom in Mandap

    Hindu Wedding Groom waiting for his bride

    Hindu Wedding Bride seeing Groom for 1st time

    Bride putting garland on groom

    Hindu Wedding bride smiling

    Hindu Wedding detail photographs

    Indian wedding flame

    Asian groom walking around the fire, ferrah

    Indian bride leading the ferrah



    Walking photo of Gujarati wedding couple at Willesden Mandir

    Vidhai photograph, dad crying

    Vidhai photograph, sister of bride crying

    Vidhai photograph with baby

    Coconut getting crushed

    Portrait of Jayna and Navin

    Please feel free to leave a comment below…Until next time, Sanjay

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    13 thoughts on “Jayna & Navin’s Hindu Wedding at Willesden Mandir

    1. Nikul

      Sunil’s emotions/anger in enterance shot is priceless!

      Great work as per usual Sanjay, sure Navin & Jayna will love them all!

    2. Sher Perwaz

      Awesome work bro I really love this set. Your best work to date. Can’t wait to see more!!!!! Anyone reading this blog… You need to hire this guy !!

    3. Amar

      Sanj, amazing set of images, you have captured the perfectly, great lighting, emotions, colours… keep up the good work mate!

    4. Jayna Vekaria (The Bride)

      Wow! Sanjay you have done such a great job on these pics. We can’t wait to see the rest! :)

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