Gita and Nikul’s Wedding
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  • Gita and Nikul’s Wedding

    I recently captured Gita and Nikul’s Hindu wedding ceremony at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Stanmore. The day went really well and the couple were great to photograph. I was joined by Lax Videography who captured the day in their special unique way! So without any delay, let me show you some of the wedding moments that I captured through my eyes! Gita and Nikul, enjoy the memories.

    I’d love to know what you think of the photos, so please do leave a comment below, thanks guys :)

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    30 thoughts on “Gita and Nikul’s Wedding

    1. Sunil

      Quality shots mate, as per usual! I am sure the rest are just as impressive!

    2. Jason

      Dude, top photos as always, keep up the great work – Love the one where she’s dropping the yellow petals …

    3. Harpreet


      These are beautifully captured images! So refreshing to see more of your work and to add a great new style of capturing! You have got some fun images along with the traditions and rituals and that to me makes a perfect album.

      Fab rich colours and my fav has got to be the sindoor shot!

      Keep up the greatness dude!



    4. Bharti

      WOOW!! What a cheeky bride! LOVE IT!

      Hey Sanj, these have got to be some of your best to date! Well done! :-)

      Loving the reportage style that’s really coming through. Keep it up!

    5. Nikul Bhanderi (Groom)

      Hey Sanjay, thanks for taking our pics!!!

      They all look amazing, loving that dark fire shot and the many moments of Gita laughing and being cheeky!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of them now!

      Many Thanks Mate,

    6. Dannish

      beautiful set of images. they clean, crisp and sharp with the mood and events captured perfectly. nice work sanj.

    7. Rajnika Patel

      Great photos, very arty, capturing the moment perfectly!

      As the brides sister, you made everyone feel comfortable and made the photo experience enjoyable!


    8. Mala

      In Every Single Snapshot, The Atmosphere Of The Wedding Is Captured Flawlessly.

      Your Talent Is Undoubtedly Unquestionable, As These Images Truly Speak For Themselves.

      Cant Wait To See The Rest Of The Album,



    9. Gita (Bride)

      Hi Sanjay,

      If these are just a snapshot of our photos I can’t wait to see the rest. You’ve captured our true personalities in each and every shot.

      Thanks for being wonderful to us, our families and friends on the day.

      Gita xx

    10. shan

      good stuff as usual sanj! love the dark fire shot..amazing. keep up the good work xx

    11. Georgiana

      The photographer certainly captured your cheeky side!!

      Looks like you had a fabulous day. Have a wonderful marriage. Love Georgiexx

    12. Sanjay Jogia


      Superb work here my friend. You’ve caught some brilliant moment which will bring a smile to the faces of your clients forever and it takes a special kind of photographer to achieve this!

      The image quality combined with simplicity of the editing really shines through.
      Its great to see more of your work again Mr Gohil, I’m looking forward to more of this soon!

      (Big) Sanj

    13. Satinder

      Amazing colourful photos, capturing everyones spirit so well. Gita and Nikul look so relaxed.

    14. Gemini

      The bride looks like she’s having so much fun at the wedding… such amazing pics… keep shooting x

    15. Sheena


      Amazing pictures! You have great talent in capturing magical moments that will remain with people for life. Keep up the good work.


    16. Dom Airwolf

      wow maverick… you really have turned out to be a super talented photographer! These are amazing… you really capture people’s personalities and the mood of the event…

    17. Adrienne - Chicago

      OH Gita, this is just lovely. I’m so happy for you. May you be as happy on this day as the rest of your life. I love that red!

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