Hindu Wedding at Fennes Estate, Essex
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  • Krista & Nik’s Hindu Wedding at Fennes Estate

    Krista and Nik, a very lively and FUN couple who had a wedding as lively and fun as them!

    I’ve been wanting to blog Krista and Nik’s wedding for a long time as it was one of my favourite ones from this summer, so finally, here it is….The wedding took place at the stunning Fennes Estate in Essex and it was the perfect backdrop for the big day, the temperature was in the 30’s, (my kind of heat) everyone was in great spirits and ready for a fun filled day! I went upstairs to meet Krista and she told me how she’d been bitten by a mosquito…on the nose! I think some brides’ would be panicking and stressing, but Krista was happy and energetic as usual, she was fine and by the time she was ready you couldn’t even tell she’d been bitten…a sign of a great Make Up Artist hey Arpita 😉

    Hemang Bhai conducted the wedding ceremony beautifully as usual and it’s the only time I’ve heard a maraj say ‘Chillax’ during a ceremony! The ceremony was pleasant and there were smiles all around throughout the Hindu wedding apart form when Nik lost the games! Once the sun started to set it was time to party and I have to say, the boys partied harder than the ladies….the party rockers were truly in the house!

    Below are a few of the moments from Krista and Nik’s awesome wedding, happy viewing everyone!

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    Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Wooden Horse at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Rangeela Arts Mandap

    Chair covers

    Hindu Wedding Detail Shot

    Hindu Wedding Detail Shot

    Hanging Bridal shoes

    Krista’s Breakfast!

    Indian Bridal Jewellery

    Hindu Wedding Bangles

    Bride getting ready

    Bride getting ready

    Ganesh Coconut

    Wedding Guests

    Hands on coconut

    Indian wedding guests dancing around the car

    Brides mum smiling through car window

    Groom walking with guests

    Mobot pose
    Keeping in the spirits of London 2012 – The Mobot!

    One shoe missing during Hindu wedding welcoming ceremony

    Stepping on the clay pot

    Hands in prayer positio

    Closeup of rose petels

    Bridesmaids walking down the isle

    Feet washing ceremony

    Bride waiting to see groom for the 1st time

    Hindu Bride smiling
    Krista’s reaction to seeing Nik for the 1st time!

    Hindu Groom smiling

    Hindu Wedding detail photograph


    Guests standing waiting to throw flowers

    Phera photograph, couple going around the fire

    Grooms toe being touched

    Bride and Groom smiling at each other with hi-5

    Seven Steps ceremony

    Detail shot of Sindoor

    Sindoor being applied to Hindu Wedding Bride

    Koda Kodi in Mandap at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Koda Kodi in Mandap at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue


    Asian Wedding Portrait at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Groom popcorn box

    Signing book

    Rocky Table Plan

    Cocktail Glasses

    Photobooth photo

    Bride and Groom in Photobooth

    Groom saluting crown

    Bride eating cake
    Hey Krista, you’re supposed to feed Nik, not yourself!

    Champagne being filled into glass

    Dance performance
    A dance performance by Krista’s sisters

    Reception Party Dancing photographs at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    The mini dance warmup – guys vs the gals!

    Reception Party Dancing photographs at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Dancing photographs

    Reception Party
    Hmm, I think the boys won this one!

    Wedding 1st dance
    Time for the 1st dance

    Wedding 1st dance

    Bride being spun around

    Reception Party Dancing photographs
    Now for everyone to dance! The party rockers were in the house!

    Reception Party Dancing photographs at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Reception Party Dancing photographs at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Hindu Wedding Reception Party Dancing photographs at Fennes Estate Wedding Venue

    Big thanks to Kajal for her assistance on the day and also thanks to Arpita Karania for introducing me to such a fab couple!

    Venue: Fennes Estate

    Makeup: Arpita Karania

    Daytime Decor: Rangeela Arts

    Evening Decor: Ragasaan

    Maraj: Hemang Bhatt

    Videography: Kat Films

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    9 thoughts on “Krista & Nik’s Hindu Wedding at Fennes Estate

    1. Krista

      Thank you for capturing our special moments perfectly. The photos puts a huge smile on our face each time we look at them. You were amazing during the day and made us feel so comfortable. I can’t wait for the album! U are awesome. Party rock!!!

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