Engagement ceremony of Sabeen and Qasim at The Cavendish Country House
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  • Engagement ceremony of Sabeen and Qasim at The Cavendish Country House

    I recently had the honour of photographing the engagement ceremony of Sabeen to Qasim at The Cavendish Country House in Eastcote. It was a nice intimate ceremony with close family and friends. The night was full of fun, food, laughter and lots of Gullab Jaman (A dessert consisting of dumplings made of thickened milk, soaked in rose flavoured sugar syrup) being fed to Sabeen and Qasim! Qasim even managed to fit in a huge Ladoo (another sweet dish) in his mouth…I think he was trying to impress Sabeen with this! 😉 Anyway, here are some of the moments captured.

    All the best for the future guys – enjoy the memories.

    Exterior of The Cavendish Country House in Eastcote

    Interior of Cavendish Country House Eastcote

    Muslim Wedding Guest

    Wedding engagement cake

    Muslim bride hands with Mendhi

    Wedding Confetti Box

    Muslim wedding guest smiling

    Muslim groom on phone

    Muslim groom with family member

    Wedding guest with hand together

    Wedding guest with big smile

    Photograph of Muslim wedding groom inbetween guests

    Photograph of child looking up

    Wedding guests looks at video camera

    Sabeen and Qasim's Engagement food menu

    Photograph of Muslim Wedding guests

    Photograph of Wedding guest smiling

    Photograph of Wedding guest laughing

    Photography of Muslim Wedding Bride

    Sabeen the Bride smiling

    Photograph of Wedding Ring being put on

    Muslim bride being fed sweets

    Wedding groom's mum hugging

    Photograph of Muslim Bride and Groom

    Photograph of Muslim bride smiling

    Hand picking up Laadu

    Little Girl feed wedding groom laadu

    Photograph of Muslim Bride smiling

    Photograph of Diamond engagment ring

    Muslim Wedding Couple Photograph

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    7 thoughts on “Engagement ceremony of Sabeen and Qasim at The Cavendish Country House

    1. Sabeen (Bride)

      Excellent pics, everybody who has seen them so far loves them. Can’t wait to see the rest. Also, thanks for your cooperation and patience with us on the day!

    2. Jay

      Thanks for the comment on my blog Sanjay. I’ve had a look through your work and it’s beautiful… very natural and you clearly have a knack for capturing the exact moment.

    3. Sanjay Jogia


      I love the simplicity of these images, it just enhances the moments and expressions you’ve captured. Brilliant work!


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